Aluminium tea light cups

Our tea light holders are available in different dimensions and colors. We not only deliver the silver aluminium cups, but also cups lacquered in gold, and upon request even in red, green, white, blue and amber.

Moreover, our tea light cups have different bottom versions such as a standard bottom, a conic stackable bottom or one with a straight stackable edge that allows the cups to fit into each other. The bottom can also be elevated or flat, with or without feet and can upon request, be furnished with a wickholder level.

Which size, color, bottom and quantity of our aluminium cups do you need? Take a look at our below product list and/or contact us for a personalized offer.

Aluminium tealight cups - SMALL

DiameterHeightPieces per boxPieces per pallet
37,5 mm14,0 mm17.000102.000
37,5 mm15,5 mm16.00096.000
37,5 mm16,5 mm15.00090.000
37,5 mm17,8 mm13.00078.000
37,5 mm19,5 mm12.00072.000
37,5 mm21,0 mm11.00066.000
38,0 mm12,5 mm18.000108.000
38,0 mm15,0 mm16.00096.000
38,0 mm16,2 mm15.00090.000
38,0 mm17,2 mm14.00084.000
38,0 mm18,2 mm13.00078.000
38,0 mm19,0 mm12.00072.000
38,0 mm20,0 mm11.50069.000
38,0 mm24,5 mm9.25055.500

Aluminium tealight cups - MEDIUM

DiameterHeightPieces per boxPieces per pallet
39,0 mm11,0 mm18.000108.000
39,0 mm11,8 mm18.000108.000
39,0 mm12,5 mm18.000108.000
39,0 mm13,5 mm17.000102.000
39,0 mm14,2 mm16.00096.000
39,0 mm14,7 mm16.00096.000
39,0 mm15,0 mm16.00096.000
39,0 mm15,5 mm15.00090.000
39,0 mm16,6 mm14.00084.000
39,0 mm17,6 mm13.00078.000
39,0 mm17,9 mm12.50075.000
39,0 mm18,6 mm12.00072.000
39,0 mm19,0 mm12.00072.000
39,0 mm20,2 mm10.50063.000
39,0 mm21,2 mm10.00060.000
39,0 mm22,0 mm9.50057.000
39,0 mm22,6 mm9.50057.000
39,0 mm24,5 mm8.50051.000

Aluminium tealight cups - MAXI

DiameterHeightPieces per boxPieces per pallet
43,0 mm19,0 mm9.00054.000
48,0 mm24,0 mm6.00036.000
48,3 mm24,0 mm6.00036.000
57,7 mm22,0 mm4.50027.000
58,0 mm18,0 mm6.00036.000
58,0 mm20,0 mm5.50033.000
58,0 mm22,0 mm4.50027.000
58,6 mm22,0 mm4.50027.000
59,0 mm20,0 mm5.00030.000
59,0 mm22,0 mm4.50027.000
59,0 mm23,5 mm4.00024.000

Steel wick holders for aluminium tea light cups

Boon-Weets has set up its own production of steel wick holders

Other packaging products in aluminium and plastic

Various other packaging products in both aluminum and plastic.

Stamping/punching of metal products

Are you looking for a company that can stamp/punch metal products?


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