About us

We are located in Diest (Belgium) on a very accessible site, immediately next to the E314 motorway, in an industrial zone.

We offer our clients a production process with modernized machinery and quality control in our own laboratory. Moreover, we have ample warehouses from which our orders can be delivered almost immediately. Combined with our personal and professional service, this allows us to count many small, but also large and well-known candle producers among our clients.

Our product range of tea light cups and wick holders is, aside from Belgium, sold to many other countries. We deliver for example to The Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Turkey etc., and overseas all the way to South America and Australia.

Today an enthusiastic and well-coordinated team of around 30 employees allow a fluent production process, from A to Z, so that it is always possible to quickly and efficiently react to the questions and orders of our clients.

Our history:

We can look back on a beautiful history. In 1958, Mr. Emiel Boon created a one-man business. It grew and evolved in 1987 into an incorporation. Under the lead of Mr. Marc Boon, it was further developed and modernised. New developments are always followed very closely. In our laboratory in Diest, we not only work on quality care, but we always go on doing research in order to immediately answer future developments.

We are innovating and evolving not only with our products. We have installed an array of solar panels and as such run mainly on green energy.


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