General terms and conditions


All our invoices are payable within 30 days after the invoice date, unless expressly stated otherwise by written agreement. 

If no written protest regarding the invoice is received within 8 days of issue, our invoices and our general terms and conditions are considered accepted.

The delivered goods will remain property of BOON-WEETS n.v. until receipt of total payment. In case of non-payment or bankruptcy, goods will be recovered by BOON-WEETS n.v. 

In case of late payment, the debtor undertakes to pay a monthly interest of 10% from the due date, without prior notice. At the same time, the unpaid invoices will also be increased with a penalty of 10% due to additional administrative and collection costs.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, only the courts in the district of Leuven are competent to note the contents of any dispute concerning our invoices.